International Conference on Surface Engineering for Research and Industrial Applications (INTERFINISH - SERIA 2014) June 30 - July 04, 2014 
Novosibirsk State Technical University
Novosibirsk, Russia


1. Fundamental Bases of Coating Processes
2. Advanced Methods of Surface Coatings
3. Surface Treatment and Finishing
4. Surface Diagnostics

Plenary Speakers / Tentative title:
Dr. Gopal Krishnan/ Magnetically Receptive Green Solder for Precious and rapid Heating Applications.
Prof. I.K. Igumenov / Modern MO-CVD Technologies.
Prof. V.A. Nadolinnyii / Nanocrystalline ceramic coatings on the metal surfaces obtained by the micro-plasma oxidation method.
Prof. M. P. Anisimov / Heterogeneous and homogeneous nucleation in application to coatings.
Dr. N.I. Baklanova / Formation of coating on inorganic fiber materials.
Prof. A.I. Masliy / Chemical and electrochemical metal deposition on polymers
Prof. N.F. Uvarov / Ellipsometry controlled growth of anodic films.
Prof. A. B. Kaplun / Precise measurements of the Oxide and Metallic Systems  Melting and Crystallizations.
Prof.  V. Yu. Ulianitsky / Detonation spraying. Technology, Equipment and Industrial Applications.

Tutorials involve several hot topics such as: 
Mr Steven B.  METALLOR.  Precious Metal Plating,
Dr. Gopal Krishnan. Practical Surface Analysis,
Dr. Lee. PSM/KOREA , Plasma Technology

Dr. M. Anisimov. Nucleation as a basis for Nanosystems   production.

The working language of conference is English.